Roy 3: Journey Across ee-ahs (Level 1, Zone 1)

Ended Thanks for playing !

What is Zone 1 ?

A challenge where players are bribed to work through a list of questions or tasks in order to win a prize. Everyone wins something, but your prize depends how quickly you enter and complete the zone from the time the zone opens. The results are recorded on a public block chain so everyone can see who completed the zone and what prizes were paid out. Prizes are only given to players who get everything correct!

What are the prizes?

The prizes are different amount of Crypto tokens.

What do I need to enter?

Each game will have a list of requirements to play which will be posted the before the Zone opens so you can enter prepared! This game is best played on a computer using the Chrome or Brave browser.

When does the game start?

One days notice will be put on this website, Telegram groups and on the following Facebook group

Refresh this website at the start time and click the link to start playing. Players will be allowed to Enter the Zone for a limited amount of time from the start time! so don't be late and miss out!